Ira’s Release Statement

Hey, everybody! I’m free! It’s just amazing and sad at the same time. Amazing because it was one of the best campaigns I’ve ever seen and I’ll never forget all these e-mails, messages, phone calls, statements etc I got during these days. Thanx to everybody who was involved and who supported me, you are the best! No doubts, this is one of the main reasons why I’m here now. Also it’s difficult to describe how important it is to have support being inside of this decorated prison. You wake up at 8 to have a breakfast and you eat your last meal at 6. Between this time you have “free movement hours” when you are trying to occupy yourself using all their modern facilities. Gym, manicure, library, cinema, looks like “normal life”, but it’s not, because you are there to be deported and it’s the last entertainments you can have before you “go back to your country”, where you can be killed, raped or commit suicide. That’s why it’s sad. Being inside I and few more people were constantly helping people trying to find solicitors, asking their stories and talking to them, topping up their phones, teaching english etc. Now I’m left, another person is deported and third one is busy with her case. We came and left, but Yarls Wood stayed and we should do something with it. Help people inside. Talk about things which are going on there. Do anything to make these places not to be. Why?

Many reasons. One of them is cases like Prossie N’s one. It’s the person from Uganga, lesbian, who spent her childhood being raped by her uncle. Then she spent terrible years being oppressed and depressed because of her sexual orientation. Sounds fine? Not really. But Home Office thinks differently, that’s why they want to deport her on 12th of December. It’s inappropriate and shouldn’t be, I’m against of it. I really hope that people who supported me can also help her. Because borders and detention centers should disappear and all homophobes and racists should be sent to the moon! Fuck them! Free Prossie N!
P.S. About my release picture. It’s not tears, it’s glitter!


6 thoughts on “Ira’s Release Statement

  1. Your statement and support for Prossie is so very moving, I hope so many people will come together and keep fighting for Prossie and many others. It is so great to see those released and who have experienced how terrible detention centers are to continue to act in solidarity with others claiming asylum and being processed and dehumanised through this often seemingly impossible, racist and vindictive process. SOLIDARITY and such great news about your release.

  2. Glad you’re out and free-been to yarlswood several times visiting-creepy place,I feel bad that uk could have places like this and fill them with people fleeing for their lives,sad times.
    I’ll pray you get status if you haven’t got it yet….powerful weapon against injustice is prayer-never give up hope..taxineil

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