Help and support needed


Hi! My name is Ira and I’m Russian LGBT asylum seeker in the UK. Back to Russia I was a political activist and LGBT-person. During last few years I faced persecution and threads from Russian authorities, police followed me and my parents, tried to arrest and imprison me. I spent half of the year underground and then illegally left Russia. Since October 2013 I’ve been trying to legalize my existence in the UK because I can’t come back to Russia and be safe there. I can be imprisoned, tortured and humiliated. I can’t leave the UK, I’m trapped here waiting for the refugee status with no documents and means of living. Most of my free time during last few months here in the UK I’ve been spending on paper work and other things connected with my asylum case. In December 2013 I spent three days in Yarl’s Wood Removal Center and I was released just because of the big campaign in my support. ( Now I’m still waiting for an answer from the Home Office, for the decision which is unpredictable.
During last few months I’ve been staying in my friends’ houses, in squats, in random places because I have no opportunity to have my own home. All this time I’ve been getting food and clothes from dumpsters because I have no money to buy them. I can travel in the city just because my friend gave me his bike, I can’t afford any other means of transport at the moment. I have a dog who eats just skipped meat and doesn’t get enough vitamins because I can’t buy any supplementary food for him. I can’t claim any benefits because Home Office only supports people who claimed the asylum straight after coming to the UK. It’s a strange logic and I don’t fit in it as it took me few months to make a decision to claim an asylum. I can’t find a job because I have no documents and work permission. Even if UK government forces me to commit a crime every day by working illegally I would have to get a job in Chicken Shops or places like that what will be a psychological disaster for me as I’m vegan. I haven’t seen my parents who I love and miss a lot for 2 years because having been in Russia I had to hide myself from authorities which constantly persecuted me so I couldn’t have gone to visit them. I’m not going to see my parents next 7-8 years unless they visit me here which is almost impossible because they are both retired and the only way I can see them here is to pay all their expenses. There are few other serious things I need money for but I would prefer not to talk about them.
So I and my dog Asbo would be very happy to get some donations to maintain our existence until the Home Office makes its final decision.
Part of the money I would like to donate to Dasha Pisanenko, 24-years old Russian girl who suffers of results of curing her cancer by unprofessional doctors in Russia and needs massive amount of money for another surgery which will help her to make her dream come true – come back to normal life. Details are here
I would also like to help people who suffer from migration system in different countries of the world and especially in the UK. Sometimes being in detention centers people need just a small amount of money to feel more comfortable and less stressed, I know it because I’ve passed through it. I hope I’ll be able to help them get over the difficult situations they got into.
Thanks everybody for help and support. Solidarity will save the world!

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“The UK has a proud history of granting asylum to those who need it and we do not deport anyone at risk of persecution because of their sexuality,” said a Home Office spokesperson. “All applicants are required to establish that they face persecution, inhumane or degrading treatment in their home country to qualify for our protection. Any matters concerning an individual’s sexual orientation are dealt with as sensitively as possible, and staff are not permitted to ask inappropriate or intrusive questions.”

Thanx to Patrick Keddie

My interview in February

Hey! Cheers everybody for all the support with my interview in February! It was even better than I expected except few insulting questions on LGBT issues as the names of gay clubs I’m visiting and details of all my g-friends in the UK. Even thought I had super high temperature and felt physically desperately bad I avoided answering most of them. Now I’m waiting for the UKBA decision and I hope it’ll be positive!