Statement of Solidarity and Support from Agnes Oleschak

hello there,

my name is agnes,i have been to london in summer 2913,and i met ira in august when a friend of mine showed me the squat she lived in.i have been speaking to her a few times,causing me to feel a lot of sympathy for her.she seemed to be a very friendly,open-minded and dedicated person,little did i know she actually had to flee her home country.
although i didnt have the chance to get to really know her,ii was shocked reading about the incidents of the 7th december.i am deeply concerned about her well-being and whats going to happen to her.i already spread all the information about any social network i participate in and i will keep this updated,however,since i had to stay in my home country austria longer than i had planned i couldnot participate in the demonstrations tonight.i just wanted to express my deep concern as well as my best wishes for irina and i wish her all the very best and i mean it.i kindly ask you for her number since i want  to tell her in person as addition,i want to express my gratitude to everyone running the social network accounts and keeping them updated.i will continue to do the little i can to help ira to stay in the uk.

best wishes and love for ira,and my respect and gratitude to everyone who cares about her.



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