Statement of Support From Leonid Gegen, Russian Activist and Friend of Irina.

As a person who for long time lived in the same space with Irina Putilova, I know the her sitation very well. Ira is one of the member of Voina art-group. Two of girls from this group now imprisoned in Russia, some other people forced to leave the country or living in a deep underground, being not able to move somewhere. I am pretty sure that same – I mean immideate arrest –  will happen with Ira just when she ll arrive to any russian airport. Once russian police officers tried arrest her. Also should be known, that Irina  were regulary recieving letters with threatings from officers of anti-extremist department – kind of political police in Russia. Threatings mean promising to kill her, break her legs, different kind of abuses etc. Several time she recived direct phone calls from police officers with threatings. Its clear, that Irina leaved the country because it was extremely dangerous for her to stay here, because she was oppresed for her political activity, which includes fighting for LGBTQ-rights.

Live of open LGBTQ-people, especially of activists, in Russia is more looks like nightmare. Dont forget, that since this year we have discrimination law against LGBTQ, which prohibid so called “LGBT-propaganda”, but in fact used just for opressing LGBT-activists. Dont forget about several homofobic murders, which happen this year in different russian cities. Dont forget about thousands of neonazis, far-right activists, official politicans, who making difficulties, and most of the time attack any, any LGBTQ-event, whatever it is – demonstration or film screening in smal bar.

Dont forget about it. Irina have right for political asylum. Otherwise she will faced with homofobic violence and repressions in Russia.

Leonid Gegen, artist, LGBTQ-activist


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